Robertson provides a range of ridge caps suited to various applications and roof profiles.   Roll Top Ridge Cap The ideal ridge cap for roofs. Its curved shape complements both traditional and contemporary roof types. Flat Ridge Cap Standard Ridge Cap (with or without mesh) Provides an effective system of natural ventilation in industrial and […]

Robertson high tensile fascia is designed to create a totally coordinated rainwater system that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.   Note: there may be slight variations in profile dimensions across manufacturing locations. Please check with your local branch for exact dimensions, as well as availability and lead times. Previous Next Robertson Fascia Robertson Fascia

Whether for commercial, industrial rural or domestic application, Robertson offer custom made flashings in a selection of materials. Contact your local branch and enquire how Robertson can assist you to custom manufacture to suit your specific building and environmental requirements.   Ordering Process: 1. Choose the appropriate type number from the table in the brochure.2.


Made from COLORBOND and ZINCALUME steel, Robertson offers a wide range of gutters, fascia, flashings, and accessories that are designed to fit the needs of any building and environment. Whether you want a standard or made-to-order rainwater product, Robertson can meet the needs of a wide variety of applications, including commercial, industrial, rural or domestic. Previous Next


ROOF & WALLING   Robertson offers a wide range of profiles to suit all types of projects from small residential renovations through to large commercial buildings, sheds and everything in between.  Made only from quality Australian made BlueScope® steel and backed up with all the technical and product information you could need. MULTIPURPOSE ROOFING & WALLING


Met-Lock is a comprehensive bridging system suitable for a range of applications.  The system has been developed for fast installation and optimal compatibility with Robertson purlins & girts. Met-Lock consists of solid bridging assemblies between purlins/girts and adjustable assemblies at locations such as ridges, eaves and girt feet. Robertson bridging components and accessories are simple