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Roof and walling installation requires a variety of components to complete the job to a first rate finish. With this in mind, Robertson offers a range of quality accessories to cover the job from start to finish for a complete roofing solution that will save you time.

Robertson offer an extensive range of reliable fastener solutions for fixing various substrates to metal. Robertson staff can assist you in choosing the most appropriate fastener for your requirements.


Robertson distributes a variety of high quality insulation products for a variety of applications for residential, commercial, industrial, rural and retrofit applications. Insulation is common practice in building projects of today as it offers a wide range of benefits.

Robertson offers a range of items to complete the job from start to finish helping to save you time.


Our range of accessories and components includes: silicone, sealant, and touch up paint, roofing wire, eaves filler strip, hoop iron, flue pipes and flume adaptors.