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Product Information

HH Robertson manufacture a complete range of structural C and Z purlins and girts for industrial buildings, sheds, Factories, warehouses in fact anywhere that strong reliable steel framing is required.



Z Purling


Available In:

  • Galvanized High Tensile or Black Steel Purlin
  • Tailor Cut to Specific Length
  • Pre-Punched Holes in Web & Flange
  • Full Range of Accessories


Biggest Range

HH Robertson produces an extensive purlin range with 4 web heights and 3 thickness combinations, from 150mm to massive 300mm purlins capable of impressive spans. The following table shows the thicknesses available:



HH Robertson offers the fastest service. Installation of new state of the art machinery allows not only faster production times, but greater flexibility to meet your needs.

Please provide the following information in the order:


Best service


  • Type of purlin
  • Thickness
  • Length
  • Number



  • Saving in steel up to 40%
  • Saving in
  • construction cost up to 30%
  • Light Weight reduces handling and transportation cost
  • Sections are supplied in exact length and pre-punched holes, thereby reducing wastage of steel and fabrication cost
  • Economy due to reduction in dead weight on the main frame structure
  • Ability to span long length

C & Z Purlins Installation Information
Typical Assemblies :



  • A – Angle connector and Clamp Plate being used to anchor a C section to a concrete slab floor.
  • B – Typical 90° connection using a General Purpose Bracket.
  • C – Simple connection to the open face of a C section using an Angle connector and Clamp Plate.


C & Z Purlins Installation Accessories