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Robertson Megaspan purlins and girts are a range of performance enhanced Z and C purlins. The profile has been optimized to deliver capacity improvements of more than 20% compared with standard purlins. Robertson Megaspan® purlins and girts are used primarily in the design of sheds, industrial and commercial buildings. Sections are typically used to support roof and wall sheeting in these buildings.


Robertson Megaspan purlins and girts are manufactured from high tensile galvanized steel,


Important Note:
It is important that standard purlins from Robertson or other suppliers ARE NOT substituted for designs utilizing information from the Megaspan design manual. As Megaspan is a higher performance section, standard purlins will not deliver the same load capacities and hence may be under-designed and potentially unsafe.


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An optimized profile delivering improved capacities

  • Maximizes efficiencies
  • Strong

Ideal for sheds, industrial and commercial buildings

Standard C Section

Downturn Lip C Section

Nestable Lip C Section

Standard Z Section

Lappable Z Sections – Alternative Bays