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LGSF – Light Gauge Steel Frames for Buildings

Light Gauge Framed Steel Structure (LGFSS) is based on factory made galvanized light gauge steel components produced by the cold forming method assembled as panels at site forming structural steel framework of a building and varying roof, wall and floor construction. The panels are assembled on site with screws and bolts to form the internal and separating walls and inner leaf of the external walls of a building and floors & ceiling. The building is completed by the installation of one layer of insulation material and internal layer with Gypsum Board and outer leaf of FC Board or dry mix shotcrete.  There are multiple options for cladding /facade.


The system can incorporate all types of architectural features like coving, boxes, cantilevers, projections, infill walls, mezzanine floors etc. This system can also incorporate all types of services viz. electrical, gas and plumbing etc. The design and engineering of the structures is executed according to the guidelines stipulated in relevant local and international Standards.

Why Use Robertson Light Gauge Steel Framing System!


  • Safety Level: Light gauge steel is much more durable. Galvanized steel resists decay and corrosion. Steel’s inherent strength and noncombustible qualities enable light steel frame houses to resist such devastating events as fires, earthquakes, and hurricanes. Homes can be designed to meet the highest seismic and wind load specifications in any part of the country.


  • Strong but Lightweight: Steel has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any construction material. This results in savings in the foundation required and the lightness also makes for easier on-site handling.


  • Buildability: The use of pre-fabricated and preassembled steel components reduces site works, reduces material waste and improves quality.


  • Remodeling Ease: The walls attached to steel framing are often easy to remove. You can shuffle around anything, at any time, as you see fit.


  • Design Flexibility: Because of its strength, steel can span longer lengths, offering larger open spaces and increased design flexibility without requiring intermediate columns or load bearing walls.


  • Environment Friendly: Steel is recyclable, less wasted during manufacturing process. This is far better for the environment.
  • Non-Combustible: One of the best things about light gauge steel is that it is noncombustible.


  • Low Cost: Low Cost compare to conventional Buildings
  • Quick and easy installation: This system requires a shorter construction period compared to that for a conventional system.


  • Insulated living

HH ROBERTSON LGSF Building System Offers Suitable solutions for industrial, commercial and residential sectors.   These buildings are permanent styled, earthquake proof, fully insulated and multiple design choice to utmost precision.


HH Robertson Buildings are manufactured on fully automated latest roll formers and other machines. 


Application for LGSF:

  • Dry Walls for all types of Buildings
  • Homes, Farm Houses and Bungalow
  • Roof Top Extensions
  • Offices, Temporary Buildings
  • School Buildings