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Whether you are looking for a strong, economical, and customizable steel building to turn into a home, or a shop or garage to complement your home, Robertson Buildings offer a wide range of options:

Have land and ready to build Home of your dreams? Robertson can construct it, whether you’re thinking of a tiny garage, an elaborate workshop, or a custom home. An energy-efficient, affordable, and highly customizable home is within reach when you work with us. Our clear-span construction offers flexibility to regulate your building’s flow through an open floor plan, making it the perfect fit for any and all of your requirements. A pre-fab metal structure goes up fast, and the durability can’t be beaten.

All elements of a Robertson residential metal construction are tailored to suit your requirements from the base to the ceiling. To maximize the power and integrity of the Robertson Steel building system, each element used is optimally intended, tested, produced and built. We will also examine your individual requirements to ensure that your housing pole construction is designed to withstand the loads that you will need to perform throughout your lives. Robertson Steel leaves totally no detail to opportunity from the lowest fastener to the overhead trusses.


Savings, Speed and Sustainability for Every Custom Design

  • We can make your building energy efficient with cool-coated insulated metal panels, a low-profile roofline, or by other methods.
  • Pre-engineered buildings cost is less than conventional construction projects on average.
  • Our professional team is familiar with codes and building requirements specific to your location, ensuring a smooth design-build, on-budget and on schedule.
  • Steel buildings are resistant to mold, termites, and corrosion, giving your structure a much longer life than wood construction, not to mention naturally fire-resistant!
  • Our team will help you design and plan to make your dream a reality.


  • Reduced construction cost versus conventional construction
  • Robertson can design your new home, giving you an open concept that can be finished out however you like
  • Steel exteriors have less maintenance cost and upkeep
  • Steel buildings can be more energy-efficient than conventional construction
    Easier to repair, resulting in reduced repair costs

Experience You Can Trust


HH Robertson has more than 100 years’ global experience in the custom metal building manufacturing business. Robertson has been helping homeowners plan, design, and build custom homes made out of steel and metal. With sizes ranging from 576 square feet to more than 6,000 square feet, Robertson Steel Buildings can help you create just about any home that you can dream up. Our metal home products come with everything needed to erect and build the structure, including trusses, studs, nuts, and bolts, and everything in-between to build your new home.

We can help you design your exterior to incorporate any finish you want, as well as add porches, overhangs, and garages. Many finishes can be used with our secondary framing. You can use bricks and many other options. We supply the sheet metal, and you can supply your own other materials. Robertson Steel Buildings offer the strongest, most versatile metal home building.

Some of Our Building Solution Works


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Architecture and Interior Design

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